Counseling and Career Center

The Counseling and Career Center at Hermiston High School offers valuable resources to students. Academic counseling is offered through our own paid staff as well as parent volunteers on behalf of ASPIRE, a program dedicated to helping students set and reach goals in their education. We also offer help with college applications, filling out the FAFSA, and college scholarships. Contact the Counseling and Career Center if you have any questions! We would love to help you in any way that we can.
Michelle McAllister – Counseling Secretary/Registrar
(541) 667-6125
Kristine Martin
Class of 2022
(541) 667-6133
Melody Bustillos
Class of 2023
(541) 667-6130
Maggie Hughes-Boyd
Class of 2024
(541) 667-6126
Cristina Cuevas
Class of 2025
(541) 667-6129
Transcript Request
ALL current and former HHS students, to request a transcript, please go to the following link: Transcript Request
Schedule Change Request
Schedules are created based on spring forecasting, which is how we create the master schedule for the year. Requests for Semester 1 changes needed to be submitted by Friday, September 3. Counselors and Admin are working on the changes requested. The goal is to have all change requests addressed by mid-week. Check your school email for denied requests or updated schedules.
If you feel you need a schedule change beyond September 3, please email your counselor to make an appointment or come to the Counseling Office before school, lunch, or after school to fill out a slip for your counselor to request you from class for an appointment.