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GED Program Requirements and Expectations

Hermiston High School's GED program requirements/expectations:

  1. Maintain at least 80% attendance. 
  2. Completed study plans will be collected and verified prior to taking GED subject test.
  3. Students who complete the four GED subject tests have earned their GED. Those students participate in an exit interview/help session with their academic counselor before transferring out of Hermiston High School with the designation of earning a high school equivalency (GED).
  4. If GED program requirements are met, Hermiston High School will cover the costs associated with testing (Pre-tests = $6, GED content tests = $44)
  5. Complete the 4 locator Aztec tests before being admitted into the program
  6. Students who do not meet the requirements or expectations of the GED program will be returned to regular diploma-seeking status and will no longer be eligible to participate in the GED program.  A general education plan will be developed that leads to a standard high school diploma.